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Deception Point is a 2001 mystery-thriller novel by American author Dan Brown. It is Brown’s third novel and, as of 2019, his second and latest outside of the Robert Langdon series. It was published by Simon & Schuster.

The novel follows White House intelligence analyst Rachel Sexton’s involvement in corroborating NASA’s discovery of a meteorite that supposedly contains proof of extra terrestrial life. The discovery comes at a time close to the United States presidential election in which her father is running. The discovery will aid the campaign of her employer, the incumbent president of the United States, Zachary Henry. But put her further at odds with her already estranged father, Senator Sedgwick Sexton, a senator who is running for election. Sexton must uncover the authenticity of the meteorite which will either make or break the campaign of President Herney.

Deception Point Book Read Online Free



Chapter 1-5

Chapter 6-10

Chapter 11-15

Chapter 16-20

Chapter 21-25

Chapter 26-30

Chapter 31-35

Chapter 36-40

Chapter 41-45

Chapter 46-50

Chapter 51-55

Chapter 56-60

Chapter 61-65

Chapter 66-70

Chapter 71-75

Chapter 76-80

Chapter 81-85

Chapter 86-90

Chapter 91-95

Chapter 96-100

Chapter 101-105

Chapter 106-110

Chapter 111-115

Chapter 116-120

Chapter 121-125

Chapter 126-130

Chapter 131-133

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